Welcome to Annandale National Historic Site’s first online exhibition! 

In these challenging times, we are all learning to approach our daily lives in a

different manner. Museum staff are also learning, taking on a new

approach, to bring Tillsonburg’s rich history to you.

We invite you to enter our “virtual” Pratt Gallery to experience

Hot Off the Presses: A celebration of the 100th Anniversary of The Tillsonburg

News. As you wander through our online gallery we encourage you to step back

into a time when newspapers were the sole source of local and world news. 


Long before radio, television, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the local paper

was the connection Tillsonburg residents had to each other and the world

around them. Newspapers were valued businesses in the community, as a town

without a newspaper didn’t prosper and grow. 

Although we have created this exhibit to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of The 

Tillsonburg News (1920 – 2020), we could not tell its story without telling the

stories behind the story. Our intrepid reporters dug to the beginning of newspaper 

history in town to cover the people, pictures, and print jobs that made our community

papers pop! We hope you enjoy this virtual flip through the paper, hot off the presses.



To navigate around the site go up to the blue bar at the top of the page

and choose from one of the drop down menus.


Posts include: The papers in town, how the papers were

made, and the story of a tragedy at The Tillsonburg Observer.

Printed at the Papers shows documents from the museum's collection that were

printed at the various papers in town. 

People include a few (of the many) people who worked at the town's papers that 

we have a lot of information about at the museum.

Pictures include behind the scenes pictures of the papers being made as well

as the process to make the pictures that are seen in the papers.